We recognise the importance of knowing your financial figures when considering an investment opportunity. We do all the work for you when searching a property for you. This comprehensive property summary data kit, includs:

  • Local demographic information
  • Property plans, pictures and details on inclusions
  • Infrastructure implications Rental assessments
  • Other Expenses
  • Occupancy rates
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Capital growth statistics

Our buy to let property investment team provides a range of services from hand free portfolio building to property sourcing deals below market value for experienced investors to first time property investors. The team of experienced consultant help clients to navigate through the property investment minefield and to build wealth and security through investing in the UK property market.

Evermark is closely associated with house builders, banks, receivers and developers. When they want a quick selling of their property we negotiate a substantial amount, exclusively for the investors.

When investing in a property, both capital growth and yield should be considered. A strong yield is essential as it indicated the income level in relation the buying price. The majority of the investors prefer to invest in property as it gives them higher secure yield. Similarly, capital growth is important as it indicates the price, where you potentially sell or re-mortgage the property.

You can do that, but then we recommend our investors to purchase property using a mortgage as this will allow your capital to spread across so many properties, providing a greater return at the end. However, we do have investment opportunities also, allowing cash purchases only. Our advisors will check the details and help you in decision making.

Non-resident individuals as well as companies are not liable to CGT. However, if the main purpose of the investment is to make a profit, then this could be a subject to the Income Tax. Therefore, a good planning is needed. If you are interested, then contact us to discuss in detail.

If you are a buyer then you are likely to pay an acquisition cost between 5.75% and 6.5% to cover up the legal fees, bank arrangement fees, cover stamp duty and valuation fees.

No, only a non-resident individual is subjected to inheritance tax and not a non-resident company.

Don’t worry! If you don’t have your solicitor, then you can always talk to our panel of advisors who can carry out the buying process for you.

If you have any query other than the aforesaid, do write to us or call us.